Hungarian Acacia Honey

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Our family-owned beekeeping and honey packing plant is committed to providing the highest quality honey at an affordable price to you. We only sell genuine Hungarian honey. 
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Laszlo Varaljai

Export Hungarian honey from Asotthalom. Great taste. Acacia hone.

Organic acacaia honey

Hungary is the home of acacia. Half of all European acacia trees are in Hungary. The huge acacia forests in the unique climate of the Carpathian Basin make Hungarian acacia honey special. There are no other areas of such extensive, pure acacia forests in other to the regions. Hungarian acacia honey is a light, soft, less acidic honey with the scent of acacia
flowers. It varies in colour from almost colourless to slightly yellowish.

Acacia honeycomb

The Great Taste Judges loved our golden nectar’s characteristic and authentic flavour, so by now, our entire range of single-flower honey comes with an award-winning heritage

High-quality organic Hungarian honeys

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For acacia, multiflower, linden, silkweed and rapeseed honey, honeycomb and many specialities.

We offer honey in different packaging according to your needs. We have wide variety of Hungarian honey including organic honey.

High-quality organic Hungarian honeys
High-quality organic Hungarian honeys
Wide variety
High-quality organic Hungarian honeys
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